Let's answer some questions

Have questions about HireMinded? We've got all the answers you need.

Why should I hire HireMinded?

It's simple. HireMinded helps you rapidly build, enhance, and optimize your resume to any job opening or career path. We'll help you identify and build results-focused phrases that showcase accomplishments you never knew you had. With our happiness guarantee, we'll edit your resume until you're happy saving you hours of time and delivering a final product you're proud of. I can help you achieve consistency and results throughout your resume and job search.

How much is HireMinded and how can I get started?

We offer tiered pricing and a suite of "a la carte" services at behiredminded. You can book a free consult to get to know me better or simply pay and get started right away.

With your purchase, you get a happiness guarantee ensuring you'll get a high quality product with HireMinded's stringent quality assurance processes.

Do you offer follow up support?

If you're experiencing challenges getting hired, I'm here for you. please drop us a line or schedule a follow up session here. You can contact us here or by emailing stephanie@behiremind.com.

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