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Stephanie was able to organize my information in a well written, informative yet concise form. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and would highly recommend her to anyone


Stephanie's pointed questions helped me access  my key strengths and experience, things I would not have thought of without her guidance. She organized my information in a well written, informative yet concise form. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and would highly recommend her!

C.S., PhD

Stephanie was able to rework my resume and not only improve the content but the look to make it much more appealing to companies. Even after the job was done, Stephanie was willing to help me even further, going above and beyond.


I've had a good, rapidly rising career and didn't think I was the kind of person to benefit from this kind of service. I had her retool my resume and WOW what a difference!

The interactive process dramatically changes the content and format in a very meaningful way. It is 1000 times better than before.


It's exactly how I want it to be - neat, clean, on-point! From hearing nothing back to having 5 interviews in one day, I'm surprised what a really great resume can do for you!

I'm more confident about myself than ever! It's all because of Stephanie and her endless support.


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Stephanie Smith

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After leading multi-million dollar recruiting programs for Fortune 500 clients including Amazon, I pivoted to my passion: making candidates look & feel good. With 14+ years of experience in recruiting, coaching, and entrepreneurship, your confidence and ability to convey your value is my immediate goal.

Working with me, you will discover things about yourself that you may have never known were valuable and marketable. My broad skill set allows me to write you a winning resume, interview like a champ, and tell your story in a concise, cohesive way that gets you the job and the salary you want and deserve.

With hours of DBT (Dialectal Behavioral Therapy) under my belt, I incorporate skill-based techniques to not only help you establish your own criteria and boundaries with regards to your career as well as techniques to help reduce your stress levels across the entire career journey, from beginning to a strong salary negotiation at the end. Some like to consider me their career partner in crime.

I am dedicated to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging to create a world where everyone matters. Always open to collaboration on opportunities to level set our job force and drive labor and wage empowerment for all.

Featured speaker, resume writer, and coach for MIT, Asia School of Business, King 5 News (NBC affiliate), Lean In, Chicktech, ACT-W, and more.

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